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The Waves

In Playa Avellanas, there are 6 different peaks close to each other  with sand or lava reef seabed. They work with S, SW, W or N swells. Both the beachbreaks and the reefbreaks are pretty good.The waves are playful most of the time and you will have great fun riding them. Ideal for manouvers or getting barreled in relatively mellow tubes. The sensacion of being inside the tube with warm and crystal clear water and seeing the beautiful beach makes Avellanas the place you will never forget and the one you will always want to come back.

Surfspotguide - Pacifico Norte de Guanacaste

Our Spotguide should show the visiting Surfer of Costa Rica the great wave-potential in our region. The guide tells you what spot normally works best in which conditions and how you can get there. Free pdf-Download

Surf School

Avellanas is a surfer´s paradise and our school is right at the beach. Surf- and SUP-boards can be rented too.


Individual Surf Lessons (one instructor for one student at an incredible fair price)

  • Individual Children $ 55
  • Individual Adults $ 70

Group Lessons

  • Children over 10 years in groups of no more than three per instructor $ 45
  • Adults in groups of no more than three per instructor $ 50

Specials Surf Camp

  • We recomend to book the lessons together with your stay Partners.

Surfing Trips to Ollies Point and Witches Rock

Las Avellanas Villas will organize your boat trip to these very famous waves of Costa Rica.The boat waits for you just a 1 hour drive by car up north.With us you get the best rates & the best captains.


Professional surf-photography is available through Gustavo Jimenez - Selva Azul. He knows how to document your surfing! And you do not have to be a pofessional to book him.A private foto surfsession already starts at $50.  Let us know during your stay or book in advance.


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